Our initial product offering is GL Bridge™.

GL Bridge™ gives CFO's, Controllers, CEO's and other accounting professionals access to their financial data like never before.

GL Bridge™ enables CFO's, Controllers, and other accounting professionals to easily access and analyze financial data from their ERP database without ever leaving Microsoft Excel®.

This data is readily available from top level summaries, down to the lowest level of detail within an Excel® spreadsheet.

It can be sorted, subtotaled, grouped, filtered, formatted, charted and graphed however you desire, to meet any needs or standards.

Report formats can be saved and replenished with data from different financial periods or manufacturing sites.

Create reports with the data you want to see, and perform the analysis you want to perform, all in minutes, without IT assistance!

Spend your time analyzing and learning from your data, instead of collecting it.

GL Bridge™ is available for users of Infor's Syteline® 7 and 8 as well as Point.Man® ERP and will soon be available for other ERP systems.

Pricing -
GL Bridge™ is priced based on the number of sites and user licenses for the ERP system within each organization. Contact us and we'll be happy to provide a free web demo and develop a price quote for your company.

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