We have a completely new approach to enable users to access and analyze data from their ERP system more quickly and efficiently, working entirely in Microsoft Excel®.

Our initial product offering is GL Bridge™.
GL Bridge™ gives CFO's, Controllers and other accounting professionals access to their financial data like never before.

August 2010
XL Bridge introduces the Ultimate 60-day Free Trial of GL Bridge™ for Syteline®!
That’s right – For A Limited Time we will install our product and train up to 3 users absolutely FREE! We are THAT confident that NO accounting professional will give up the un-matched functionality and flexibility of our product once they have used it for 60 days.

April 2010
GL Bridge Analysis for Syteline®, Sales/Margin Analysis for Syteline®, and GL Bridge Analysis for Point.Man™ ERP all enhanced to support loading of data from multiple sites and/or multiple financial periods into a single Excel workbook.

February 2010
GL Bridge™ for Point.Man™ ERP enhanced with ability to compare Actual ledger activity to multiple different user-defined Budgets, i.e. OrigBudget, Revision1, Revision2, etc.

November 2009
XL Bridge announces our third Module for Syteline®.
Sales/Margin Analysis in Excel includes all detail of Billto/Shipto Customer Shipments and Invoices, including City, State, Zip Code, Product Code, Item Number, Shipped Quantity, Product Cost by Cost Component, CO Price, Invoice Price, even Sales Representative and Sales Manager, etc.!

July 2009
XL Bridge announces 60-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee on purchases of GL Bridge™ for Syteline® and GL Bridge™ for Point.Man™ ERP

“I LOVE this product. It has been so helpful in solving problems, sharing visibility, seeing trends and issues etc., etc.”
- Joanne D., Director of Finance, California

“I just called to tell you that GL Bridge is a tremendous product, and saves us an enormous amount of time because of the great improvement in our Financial analysis and reporting. We can now close our books 1½ to 2 days earlier every period, because of how much faster we can research and resolve questions at month-end.”
- Joe K., CFO, Illinois

“We remain grateful for GL Bridge… we can’t imagine doing any current and future analysis and reporting without it.”
- Pamela M., Financial Analyst, California

“It used to take me about 4 hours every period to publish my financials, using FRx to extract the data from Syteline. I then had to import it to Excel, re-apply all the formulas, verify and re-format the results. If management wanted any changes, I had to make entries into the Syteline GL, then spend 4 more hours to repeat the entire process. With GL Bridge, it only takes a few minutes to open my reporting package from last month and load the new month’s data, then I’m done!”
- Tom L., CFO, South Carolina

“I am very pleased with GL Bridge. I needed a way to analyze the results of the Production Accounting process in Point.Man, and the GL Bridge Analysis module has made my entire General Ledger completely visible to me in Excel”
– Tony P., Controller, South Carolina
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